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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

lessons from indian children of poor familes

really love the saying 'children are a great way to grow people'. the poor indian children have taught us great lessons :)

*they trust people who are kind and show them good examples
*they reciprocate their affections to people generously
*they work hard to make the people they care happy regardless if they keep making mistakes
*they keep trying to be better with optimism and cheerfulness without pride
*they live in the present and enjoy life to the maximal at all moment
*they absolutely take life seriously
*they sincerely love their friends for who they are
*they never judge others
*they are always grateful to everything that they received in life
*they enjoy sharing things with others
*they learn knowledge fast and they copy adults' behavior quickly
*they seldom stuck in their own ways
*they are hardly attached to earthly things

kids teach us how to be more human ;)

-Eve Duan


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