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This blog follows the progress of the group of young Australians and New Zealanders taking part in the India Service Project in New Delhi, January 2010.

Blogs will be updates regularly throughout the course of the project, so keep checking up for new blog entries, pictures and more!

Thanks again to all the people who have so kindly shown their support for this project with time, money and other donations - without you, we couldn't be where we are today.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wu Tang Clan

Hello India. Weather cold. Curry hot. Meat none. Iron low. Lots of cottage cheese. Mmmm. Cool drivers. “Hello Mam.” “Yes Mam.” “No Mam.” “No problem Mam.” Traffic nuts. Zero rules. Family of five on one motorbike. Yikes. Heaps of markets. “Lowest price.” “Last price.” “50 rupees down from 1500.” Actual price = 10. Rats. Sidewalk = makeshift toilet. “I think I’ll wait.” Tourist spots: Tombs, mosques, tombs, mosques. Taj Mahal rad. Special Thali: Rosh’s fav. Slums incredible. Quote of the day: “Look - they are so poor that they don’t even have a broom.” “Oh but do they have a vacuum?” Good one Aica. But actually the poverty is real. And the things we worry about are kind of embarrassing in comparison. Random lady jumping on bus – “Hello, I am your official tourist guide sent from the government.” Umm, no your not. Nice try mate. McDonald’s not the same. Mc Aloo Tikki anyone? Project is sweet. Cheshire (disabled centre) awesome. People amazing. Schools fun. Kids cool. Kamalini painting good. (Note to self – do not mix paint stripper with paint unless you want a bubbling effect). Mean blog. Nice effort Tamara and Nicole. India experience priceless. Mastercard. Queue for net. Maz waiting. Glaring stares. Got to go. Peace out A town down.

- Claire and Leata


  1. Hello to all on the trip, particularly those who I know!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like you guys are having an awesome time out there, congrats on doing a great job.
    Love the blog so keep posting cos I've been really enjoying it.
    One request: post us a picture of a cow!!! hehehe

    Everything is all good here in Syd. Jess and MC the class BBQ was as good as it can be without you guys to grace its presence
    ciao, have agood one
    -Bec Elias

  2. hello to all india girls!!!!
    i'm already missing that special thali!!! noooot!
    i do miss the smiles of those children and the hopeful look in their eyes... certainly a priceless experience.
    priceless unlike the stuff at the markets...were never content w the 'lowest' price! "special price for you mam"...
    surely we'll take 'india' to our homes for the rest of our lives...
    will miss u all!
    eh ooooo!

  3. Eu im missing the special thali too!!! the cravings are worse than cravings for smokes.....lol. I think ill survive without it tho. what i am missing is our amazing experiences over there and all the people we met!! ill never forget it.

    p.s. think you spelt my name wrong tamara, ill have to call you tomorrow from now on:-p

    oh and you guys did an awesome job with the blog!!

  4. stronger than for smokes! wow.... lol
    luv ya!